Yagoub Elryah

Yagoub Elryah

Assistant Professor, Industrial Research and Consultancy Center (IRCC), Ministry of Industry, Sudan

Yagoub Elryah is an assistant professor and researcher at Institute for Industrial Policy Studies at Industrial Research and Consultancy Center (IRCC). As a student, he studied economics at Xiamen University, KDI School of Public Policy and Management, Sudan Academy of Sciences and Al-Neelain University. As a researcher, he has been a research associate to ERF and his current research focuses on international development issues, structural change and productivity growth in developing countries. As a scholar, he received several fellowships and scholarships awards.

Areas of Interest:

  • Development Economics
  • Trade Policy
  • Macroeconomics
  • Micro Theory


  • Postdoctoral, Institute of New Structural Economics, Peking University, Beijing, China
  • PhD of Economics, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China
  • Master of Development Policy, KDI School of Public Policy and Management, Seoul, South Korea
  • Diploma of Economic Development, Arab Planning Institute API, Kuwait 
  • Master of Economics, Sudan Academy of Sciences, Sudan 
  • Bachelor of Economics (Honors), Alneelain University, Sudan 


  • Assistant Professor, Industrial Research & Consultancy Center IRCC, Economic Studies Department, 2017- present
  • Researcher, Industrial Research & Consultancy Center IRCC, Economic Studies Department, 2008- 2017

Latest Publications:

  • “Why is My Pocket Empty? Sudan’s Inflation Crisis, Fiscal and Monetary Policies”, ISBN:987-3-659-7757-1, published by Lambert Academic Publishing
  • “Skilled Workers as the Backbone of an Efficient Economy under the context of the National Project for Continuous Industrial Development in Sudan” (with Zainab Kamal), International Economics Journal, Vo. 22, Issue 3, pp. 25-42
  • On the Priorities of Comparative Advantage of Agro-industry Commodities: the way towards Economic Transformation”, Research in Business and Management, Vol. 6, No. 1, p 13-47.
  • The Arising of Trade disputes among the G20: Evaluation the US-China Trade in the context of world Trading system” Management and Economics Research Journal, Vol. 4, Issue 2018, p.p. 189-204
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