Najwan Aldorgham

Najwan Aldorgham

Associate Livelihoods and Economic Inclusion Officer, UNHCR Jordan

Najwan Aldorgham Joined the UN in 2009 to work for diverse populations of refugees, and internally displaced persons, in Syria, Iraq, and Jordan. Employed at UNHCR since 2012 as a Cash Based Intervention and a Field Associate, Became an Innovation Fellow for UNHCR in 2016. Joined the UNHCR Livelihoods unit in Jan 2017; a unit that currently plays a strategic role within UNHCR Jordan, she is now an Associate Livelihoods and Economic Inclusion Officer at UNHCR Jordan, and the Economic Empowerment-Livelihoods Sector lead under the Jordan Response Plan for the Syrian Crisis, leading the Livelihoods Working Group which was created to swiftly address policy changes, and socio-economic developments within the livelihoods sector.

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