Naima Hammami

Naima Hammami

Deputy Secretary General and Head of Arab and International Relations and Migration and Member of the Executive Board of the Tunisian General Labour Union

Naima Hammami, Deputy Secretary General of the UGTT in charge of Arab, International and Migration relations has a long career (40 years) behind her and a great commitment to Tunisian trade union activism. She is the first Tunisian woman elected to the executive board of the UGTT since its creation over 70 years ago. As an expert, consultant, speaker and trade unionist for almost three decades, Ms. Hammami has made a significant contribution to protecting workers' rights, women's rights and advocating for the most disadvantaged both nationally and internationally. Since her election to the executive board of the UGTT, she has been resolutely committed to developing the international relations of the organization and to promoting and enhancing the image of the UGTT and its experience. Ms. Hammami has always attached great importance to women's activism and immigrant rights, two fundamental aspects to guarantee more social justice. She holds a master's degree in language and two certifications in sociology and political science.

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