Ganesh Seshan

Ganesh Seshan

Senior Economist, Poverty and Equity Global Practice Group, World Bank

Ganesh Seshan is a Senior Economist in the Poverty and Equity Global Practice Group at the World Bank. His research interest on migration has focused on examining policies and social programs to enhance the developmental impact of migration and remittances. This includes the use of financial education, skills training and information campaigns. A complementary work is to better understand forces that influence the decision to migrate overseas, its impact on household members in the origin country and financial decision-making in transnational households in the presence of information asymmetries. Seshan’s research has been published among others in the Journal of Development Economics, Oxford Economic Papers, World Bank Economic Review and Journal of Development Studies. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Virginia. Seshan was also a team member on the 2023 World Migration Report on Migrants, Refugees and Societies.

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