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Working Papers

Political Connections and Public Procurement in Turkey: Evidence from Construction Work Contracts

Esra Çeviker Gürakar and Tuba Bircan İldiri

Using a unique dataset of 17,937 high value public work construction procurements made between 2004 and 2011, this paper provides systematic evidence on favoritism in public procurement in Turkey. While ... read more

Policy Perspectives

Lessons and Pitfalls of Transitions to Democracy

Melani Cammett

When elites agree to compromise during regime transitions, democratization is more likely to succeed. Human agency is therefore central to successful democratization; however, it cannot be divorced from structural factors, ... read more

Blog & News

How Can We Limit the Damage?

By Joost Hiltermann is Program Director, Middle East and  North Africa, at the International Crisis Group. The economic challenges faced by states and societies in the ... read more

Working Papers

Impacts of Fiscal Legal Setting and Institutions on Budget Outcomes in the Rentier State of Kuwait

Abbas Al-Mejren

This study addresses the impact of the legislative setting, institutions, and political structure on the public budget in the State of Kuwait. This is an issue that has gained sizable ... read more

Working Papers

Diffusion of Dissidence in Arab Public Opinion

Mohamad Al-Ississ and Samer Atallah

We are investigating the contagion effect in dissidence in public opinion. In other words, the question is whether the behavior of dissidence in neighboring countries interacted through public opinion or ... read more

Senior Associates

Ziad Bahaa Eldin

Areas of Interest: Legal Reform Investment Policy Reform Financial Markets Regulation Commercial and Financial Law Education: Ph.D., Banking Law, London School of Economics, University of London, 1996 ... read more

Working Papers

Students’ Achievement in the MENA Countries: The Heyneman-Loxley Effect Revisited Using TIMSS 2007 Data

Donia Smaali Bouhlila

Since the controversial finding of the Coleman Report (1966), which was that school resources had little effect on educational outcomes comparing to family background, huge literature has emerged in order ... read more