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Policy Research Reports

Micro and Small Enterprises in Turkey: Uneasy Development

Semsa Ozar

The role played by Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in the Turkish economy has attracted a considerable attention in recent years, but mainly from two sources. The first, originated from ... read more

Policy Research Reports

Dynamisme de la Micro et Petite Entreprise au Maroc

Bachir Hamdouch

La micro et petite entreprise (MPE), définie comme l’entreprise employant moins de cinquante personnes, représente au Maroc selon le recensement économique effectué en 2001-2002, 99,6% des établissements économiques non agricoles ... read more

Policy Research Reports

MSEs Potentials and Success Determinants in Egypt 2003-2004: Special Reference to Gender Differentials

Alia El Mahdi

The interest in MSEs is of a relatively recent nature. Several reasons led to the current concern about the issue of small and micro-enterprises. The small firms make various indispensable ... read more

Research Fellows

Azzeddine Azzam

Areas of Interest: Agricultural and Applied Microeconomics Empirical Industrial Organization International Trade and Development Education: Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, University of Nebraska, 1984 M.S., Agricultural Economics, University of Wisconsin, 1980 B.S., Economics ... read more