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The Tunisian Labor Market in an Era of Transition

Ragui Assaad and Mongi Boughzala

October, 2018

336 pages

Oxford University Press

J. Labor and Demographic Economics

Edited by Ragui Assaad and Mongi Boughzala

  • Presents new and unique data on the Tunisian labor market.
  • Analyses developments leading to the Tunisian revolution of 2010/11 and its consequences for employment conditions.
  • A key resource for academics and policymakers working on the economics of the Middle East and Africa.


The Tunisian Labor Market in an Era of Transition is a comprehensive examination of the central labor market issues facing this key Arab country. It includes contributions on the size, structure, and evolution of the labor force, the characteristics of labor demand, employment policies and regulations, and unemployment. Further chapters explore the wage formation process, gender differences in the labor market, the returns to education, child labor and schooling, and the trends and patterns of international migration from Tunisia. The Tunisian Labor Market in an Era of Transition is an essential reference on how youth employment, gender disparities, and informality contributed to political and social unrest in North African societies, and on the effect of migration flows from North Africa to Europe.

Research Fellows

Ragui Assaad

Professor of Planning and Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

Research Fellows

Mongi Boughzala

Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Tunis El Manar



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