The MENA Countries and the Uruguay Round and Beyond - Economic Research Forum (ERF)

The MENA Countries and the Uruguay Round and Beyond

Raed Safadi and Subidey Togan

February, 2000


36 pages

F. International Economics

The paper aims to identify the interests and concerns of MENA countries in the new round of multilateral trade negotiations (the WTO 2000 negotiations) with a view of helping these countries develop negotiation objectives and strategies. The introduction sets the stage by making the case for economic reforms in the MENA region and the role of the WTO in supporting these reforms. After dealing with market access issues for MENA countries’ exports, the paper looks into the commitments in services MENA countries have undertaken in the context of Uruguay Round Agreements and considers issues related to FDI.

Research Fellows

Raed Safadi

Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai, UAE

Research Fellows

Subidey Togan

Professor, Bilkent University



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