The Impacts of Oil Price Shocks on Tourism Receipts for Selected MENA Countries: Do Structural Breaks Matter? - Economic Research Forum (ERF)

One of the short comings in the tourism literature is that research on the oil price-tourism receipts nexus is limited. However, the available studies, to the best of our knowledge, provide limited evidence on the negative effect of oil prices on tourism receipts. Nevertheless, the related literature did not consider the structural breaks in the analysis, which proven to be important in the empirical work. As such, in this paper, we study the oil price-tourism receipts nexus for selected MENA countries in the presence of structural breaks. This is done by adopting the autoregressive distributed lags (ARDL) bounds test and incorporating the structural breaks. The findings show that the bounds test provide evidence of a long-run relationship between tourism receipts and oil prices after integrating structural breaks into the ARDL model for most countries.

Research Fellows

Khalid Kisswani

Associate Professor of Economics, Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST) – Kuwait

Amjad M. Kisswani

Department of Workforce Development and Organizational Leadership, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Arezou Harraf

Department of Business administration, Box Hill College, Kuwait



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