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The Fable of the Bees: Humanity in the 21st Century – Begin or End?

Ismail Sirageldin

April, 2016

PRR 38

102 pages

D6. Welfare Economics
O1. Economic Development

The first arrival of humanity to earth was Adam and Eve. It took time for them to adjust their way of life and accept it, and eventually even change the structure of humanity and of the earth and the environment. It is not evident however, how humanity has been confident and secure as time has been passing. Humans have been discomfited by the extreme change in their way of life, from heaven to earth. Apparently, the global society that human has been building has been growing, but it seems to lack unity and continuity. Thus, the purpose of the Essay is to examine the change and apparent decline in human’s changing structures, and in the losses to ourselves in the continuing conflict between morality, allocation, environment, and human behavior. Thus, the purpose is to explore how viable is the human society and its survival possibilities.

Senior Associates

Ismail Sirageldin

Professor, Johns Hopkins University



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