The Egyptian Labor Market in an Era of Revolution - Economic Research Forum (ERF)

The Egyptian Labor Market in an Era of Revolution

June, 2015


ERF and Oxford University Press

J. Labor and Demographic Economics

This volume provides fresh insights into the Egyptian labor market in the wake of the January 2011 revolution. Drawing on a new Egypt Labor Market Panel Survey (ELMPS 2012), the authors tackle a wide range of issues, including the persistence of high youth unemployment, labor market segmentation and rigidity, growing informality and the declining role of the state as an employer. They also explore the impact of the economic difficulties associated with the revolution, especially in terms of adjustments to earnings, job insecurity, female labor force participation and the stagnation of micro and small enterprises. As such, the volume makes an important contribution to our understanding not only of the way the Egyptian labor market functions and the consequences of government polices but also how the revolution may have impacted labor market outcomes.



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