Sheltering the Poor against Catastrophic Healthcare Payments through Micro Insurance: Lessons from the African Experience - Economic Research Forum (ERF)

In a nutshell

• Access to healthcare without the threat of financial ruin is a basic human right. Using recently available nationally representative surveys from Egypt, we found that out-of-pocket spending on health (OOP) has exacerbated households’ living severely in Egypt, pushing more than one-fifth of the population into a financial catastrophe and 3% into extreme poverty.
• Innovations and social entrepreneurship could improve social risk management and reduce poverty. This policy brief introduces micro insurance and encourages its embracement as a viable solution to protect the poor from health risks

Research Associates

Ahmed Rashad

Senior Economist, Economic Studies and Policies Sector, Government of Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Research Associates

Mesbah Sharaf

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Alberta, Canada



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