School Based Management: An Approach to Improve Learning Outcomes in Egypt - Economic Research Forum (ERF)

School Based Management: An Approach to Improve Learning Outcomes in Egypt

Engi Gamal Eldin

August, 2016


5 pages

I2. Education and Research Institutions

In a nutshell

  • Egypt has the worst basic education system worldwide.
  • Egypt’s decentralization reforms were more rhetoric since the early 1990s.
  • There are three institutional features that are crucial for bettering students’ performance, which are: Choice and Competition, Decentralization and Autonomy of Schools, and Accountability.
  • Today, Egypt needs to implement an integrated and long term strategy for improving learning outcomes, characterized by the adoption of school-based management accompanied with capacity-building in schools, teachers and communities, and taking into account accountability for outcomes.

Engi Gamal Eldin



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