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Labor Market Regulations: Job Security versus Labor Flexibility

Jackline Wahba

In a nutshell Labor laws aim to protect workers and increase labor market efficiency. However, over-protective labor ... read more

Are Export Sanctions Effective?

Jamal Ibrahim Haidar

In a nutshell Different countries impose export sanctions. Whether these sanctions are effective depends on their goal. ... read more

Low Social and Political Returns to Education in the Arab World

Ishac Diwan

In a nutshell Arab societies urgently need to start looking at how to improve education systems, ... read more

School Based Management: An Approach to Improve Learning Outcomes in Egypt

Engi Gamal Eldin

In a nutshell Egypt has the worst basic education system worldwide. Egypt’s decentralization reforms were more rhetoric ... read more

Tackling Poverty and Poor Health in Turkish Widowed Households State Benefits Work

Oznur Ozdamar and Eleftherios Giovanis

In a nutshell Single mother widowed households in Turkey that receive survivor benefits are more likely ... read more

Boosting World Trade in Tunisia and Egypt by Cutting Non-Tariff Barriers Better Imports for Better Exports

Zouhour Karray

In a nutshell Egypt and Tunisia have embraced trade liberalization which has helped them establish a ... read more

Employment and Rates of Return to Education in Arab Countries Gender and Public Sector Perspectives

Zafiris Tzannatos

In a nutshell  Two interconnected challenges for the Arab region are how to increase the low ... read more

Reducing Air Pollution in Cairo: Raise User Costs and Invest In Public Transit

Alban Thomas

In a nutshell Vehicle exhaust fumes are a major cause of air pollution in developing world ... read more

Trade Liberalization in Egypt: Let the Informal Labor Market Take the Strain

Abeer Elshennawy

In a nutshell Egypt should embark on trade liberalization as it currently has maintains relatively high ... read more

Replace Discretion with Rules: How Policy Reform Can Boost Economic Performance

Izak Atiyas

In a nutshell Before the 2000s economic policy making in Turkey was based on discretion and ... read more

Sticks Rather than Carrots to Induce More Formality

Aysit Tansel

In a nutshell Formalizing informal firms and employment has a number of potential benefits for the ... read more

Modifying the Path of Fertility Rates to Accelerate Egypts Entry in the Demographic Window (in Arabic)

Sara El Khishin

لمحات تمثل الاتجاهات التصاعدية الأخيرة  في المؤشرات السكانية وأهمها معدلات الخصوبة تهديدا ... read more

Going beyond Doing Business to Foster Job Creation in Arab Countries

Jamal Ibrahim Haidar and Hedi Larbi

In a nutshell Creating enough jobs is a key development challenge for Arab countries. To address this ... read more

Transforming Egypt: Innovation and Diversification as Drivers of Growth

Markus Loewe

In a nutshell To achieve sustainable development, Egypt needs to achieve structural transformation by actively pursuing ... read more

Pension Reform: Securing Morocco’s Elderly

Najat El Mekkaoui

In a nutshell Morocco has one of the lowest levels of pension benefits and health insurance ... read more