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Inter Lebanese Socio Economic Forum

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completed Project

This project is different from others in that its primary focus is on mediating between different political parties in Lebanon to help them converge on a common socio-economic vision for Lebanon.
A policy paper is prepared ahead of each meeting. The project was initiated by the European Delegation in Beirut and is carried out jointly by ERF and the IM under the umbrella of FEMISE. Thus far,
three policy papers have been prepared and three Forums held:
1. The First Forum was devoted to social policies, and held in Beirut on April 21-22, 2008.
2. The Second Forum was devoted to stimulating private sector development, with a special focus on SMEs. The event was held in Beirut on October 15-16, 2008.
3. The Third Forum focused on land management, agricultural policy and rural development. It was also held in Beirut on February 17-19, 2009  A fourth Forum is expected to take place before April 2010.

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Ahmed Galal

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