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Egypt Labor Market Panel Surveys (ELMPS) 2012

Topic: C8. Data Collection and Data Estimation Methodology J9. Labor Markets and Human Resource Development

ongoing Project

ERF carried out another round of the Egypt Labor Market Panel Survey 2012 in cooperation with the Central Agency for Public
Mobilization and Statistics. This survey is the third in a series that began with the Egypt Labor Market survey of 1998 and continued with the ELMPS 2006. It is a multipurpose household survey that inquires about the schooling, housing, marriage and employment of individuals among a number of other topics. The 2012 sample consisted of 12,060 households, including 6,752 original households
from the 2006 sample and 3,308 new households that emerged from the original set of households as well as a refresher sample of 2,000 households. The refresher sample was designed in such a way as to oversample areas with high rates of international migration to
allow for a more in-depth analysis of the migration phenomenon. The micro raw data became publicly available in November
2013. ELMPS 2012 provides a unique opportunity to ascertain the impact of the momentous events accompanying the January 25th revolution on the Egyptian economy and labor market and on the lives of Egyptian workers and their families.

Research Fellows

Ragui Assaad

Professor of Planning and Public Affairs, University of Minnesota


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