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Fair competition is needed to empower women economically in the Arab world

by Rabah Arezki and Ferid Belhaj  OCTOBER 08, 2019 The participation rates of women in the labour market in Arab countries are the lowest ... read more

Recession without impact: why Lebanese elites delay reform

by Mounir Mahmalat and Sami Atallah  OCTOBER 08, 2019 The survival of Lebanon’s political elites is highly dependent on the wellbeing of the economy. ... read more

Institutions and macroeconomic policies in resource-rich Arab economies

By Aalaa Halaka   The closing session of ERF’s 25th annual conference celebrated a number recently published books by ERF fellows. Dr Jeffrey Nugent from the University of Southern California talked to ... read more

From data to policy: building microdata infrastructure for research in MENA

By Aalaa Halaka “Data for research is like roads for a city, where you have to build a road despite not knowing who’s going to use the road and where they’re ... read more

The political economy of job creation in MENA

By Aalaa Halaka   Dr. Ishac Diwan is a visiting professor at SIPA Columbia University, and the chair d’excellence monde Arabe at Paris Sciences et Lettres. He was a discussant on the ... read more

Jobs, unskilled labour and perverse incentives for technological innovation

By Romesh   Day 3 of ERF’s 25th annual conference began with a plenary discussion of job-creating growth in the emerging global economy. Keynote speaker Lant Pritchett ... read more

The new global order: Harnessing the potential of knowledge economies

By Aalaa Halaka   Dr. Shireen Alazzawi is a lecturer at the economics department of the Leavey Business School, Santa Clara University. She chaired the 2nd plenary session of our 25th annual ... read more

Leave no man behind: The impact of disruptive technologies on developing countries

By Aalaa Halaka Dr. Shahrokh Fardoust is a research professor at the Global Research Institute, College of William and Mary. He chaired the 2nd plenary session of our 25th annual conference ... read more

A moonshot on Africa’s digital economy

By Aalaa Halaka   Dr. Albert G. Zeufack is chief economist for Africa at the World Bank. He was a panelist on the 1st plenary session ... read more

From master plans to knowledge-imbedded development problem solving

By Aalaa Halaka   Dr. Xavier Briggs is the Vice President of the Ford Foundation. He was a panelist on the 1st plenary session of our ... read more

Rediscovering industrial policy for the twenty-first century

By Romesh Vaitilingam   Day 2 of ERF’s 25 th annual conference began with a plenary discussion of the role of knowledge in the process of innovation in the new global economy. ... read more

The role of communities of practice in facing developmental challenges

By Aalaa Halaka   Barbara Shenstone is the regional director of IDRC in MENA. She was a panelist on the 1st plenary session of our 25th ... read more

Clusters of knowledge and skilling-up for transformation

By Aalaa Halaka   Sir Paul Collier, professor of economics and public policy at the Blavantik School of Government, University of Oxford, was our keynote speaker ... read more

Addressing the challenges of multidimensional inequality in the MENA region

By Aalaa Halaka   Khalid Abu Ismail heads the economic development and poverty section at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA). ... read more

A Macroeconomic Framework for Growth under the New Normal: Lessons from Latin America

This Blog is written by Aalaa Halaka   “Six months ago, I warned about the risk of a ‘new mediocre’—low growth for a long time. Today, we must prevent that ... read more

Trade policy options for a sovereign Palestinian State and the impact of Syrian refugees on Lebanon

During the ERF 24th Annual Conference, Raed Safadi (Dubai Department of Economic Development) participated as discussant in a parallel session on international economics, focusing ... read more