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Household-Level Data

ERF has long recognized that household-level data is essential for conducting solid policy-relevant research. And since data are a public good, ERF has worked to ameliorate this problem. Accordingly, significant effort and resources have been devoted toward the collection of primary data, as well as securing other sets of household-level data and working to make them available to researchers.
The process of making household-level data available started in 1998 when ERF conducted its first labor market survey in Egypt, in collaboration with the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), which later led to the compilation of several panel surveys capturing multiple aspects of the labor market.
To date, OAMDI gives free access to several types of household-level data:

You can Access our Micro Data sets, through the

ERF Micro Data Catalogue (NADA)


For any inquiries related to the data, please contact:
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