The Analysis of the Egyptian Economic Census - Economic Research Forum (ERF)

The Analysis of the Egyptian Economic Census

October 17,2015
Cairo, Egypt

The training course presents a schematized set of lectures for quantitative and statistical analysis
of economic censuses with particular emphasis on Egypt’s recent Economic Census Survey
2012/2013 (ECS 2012/13). Besides the lectures, an important component of the training course
will involve practical pragmatic applications using a sub-sample of the ECS 2012/13 (ECSS
2012/2013), which includes detailed disaggregate information on three production sectors as
well as on governorate and economy-wide statistical indicators and survey design variables.
Applied exercises—using statistical software—employing ECSS 2012/2013 are designed to
strengthen the trainees’ analytical and computational skills by offering hands-on experience that
should be helpful in production of reliable statistics and indicators for private and public agents
to inform and aid their decision making process. The lectures and applications will be presented
in Arabic, though English may be used now and then especially in the applied sessions.

Research Fellows

Tarek Moursi

Professor, Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University