National Debate/Media Seminar on: Egypt’s Future - Economic Research Forum (ERF)

National Debate/Media Seminar on: Egypt’s Future

November 14,2014
Ain Sukhna, Egypt

ERF convened a three-day media seminar, covering socio-economic and political issues of concern, to  discuss and debate Egypt’s future over seven sessions. More than 50 prominent politicians, intellectuals and media figures took part in the deliberations. The event was organized in cooperation with the  Economic Editors Division of the Press Syndicate, and attracted extensive media coverage. Where is  Egypt heading? What next, especially that we now see tangible levels of security and stability, with the  passing of the constitution, the election of the president and the soon to be held parliamentary elections?  what are Egyptians thinking of? Where are development projects and reforms taking us? How  can social justice be achieved? More importantly, how can we revamp the archaic educational system?  And how can we transform Egyptian media into a constructive societal actor?