ERF’s Policy Sessions Roster at the IEA 2014 - Economic Research Forum (ERF)

ERF’s Policy Sessions Roster at the IEA 2014

June 06,2014
Amman, Jordan

In a unique regional event, ERF partnered with the International Economic Association (IEA), the  Colombia Global Centers (Amman), as well as a number of prestigious institutions to organize IEA’s 17th  World Congress, held June 6-10, in Jordan. ERF had the privilege of organizing two high-level policy  seminars and two policy sessions at the congress, which was broadly attended, bringing together  regional and international researchers and policy-makers. The dilemma of subsidy reform and Equity in MENA was the topic of the first high-level policy seminar that took place as part of the opening   ceremony. The second high level policy seminar ERF organized was on The Challenges and Dilemmas of Policy Making after the Arab Spring. The seminar raised the issue of government responses to the  emerging challenges in the post-Arab-Spring era to ensure sustainable economic prosperity and secure social stability. The other two policy sessions covered The Political Economy of Change in the Middle  East and Inequality of Opportunity in the Middle East.