ERF and World Bank Training on “Structural Change, Resource Misallocation and Growth Dynamics in the MENA Region” - Economic Research Forum (ERF)

As part of its capacity building mandate, the ERF in collaboration with the Enterprise Analysis Unit of the World Bank Group organized a two-days training on “Structural Change, Resource Misallocation and Growth Dynamics in the MENA Region”.

The main objective of the training was to provide an in-depth understanding of firm level productivity measurement and modelling issues using the World Bank Enterprise Surveys data. The training was designed in a way to provide a balanced coverage of the theoretical aspects and the hands-on Stata applications of the topic.

Precisely, the training covered the following topics. The first day sessions covered the content of the Enterprise Surveys, the important aspects of its implementation, and how it can be used to study productivity and its determinants. As for the second day sessions, it aimed at providing the participants with a practical experience on how total factor productivity (TFP) is estimated using Enterprise Surveys and alternative sources of micro data. The related caveats of estimation and some of the existing methods to address them were also discussed.

The audience of the training consisted of several pools as follows: researchers working on several ERF research projects from different themes, researchers from relevant Egyptian institutes, namely the Central Bank of Egypt and the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies.