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Susan Joekes


Development Socio-Economist

Susan Joekes is a development socio-economist with an academic research background, experience in international research management and a special interest in the Middle East. Joekes was a long-time Fellow of the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, UK, and from the year 2000, was with Canada’s International Development Research Centre. From 2006-2012, Susan was based in IDRC’s Regional Office in Cairo, supporting research throughout the MENA region on trade, market regulation, gender and labour markets. From 2012-2013, she worked with the international Donor Committee for Enterprise Development, specialising in SMEs and entrepreneurship, with a special interest in women’s entrepreneurship. Her current research is concerned with economic inequality by gender and discrimination on the demand side in the Middle East, specifically a comparison of the gender dimension of employment practices in public and private sector organisations in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan.

Working Papers

Gender Diversity, Productivity, and Wages in Egyptian Firms

Women’s employment is not evenly distributed across sectors and this variance in gender diversity can ... read more


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