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Monia Ghazali


Assistant Professor at ESSECT, University of Tunis

Monia is assistant Professor at ESSECT, University of Tunis. She received her Ph.D. in Economics at the Paris Dauphine University. The thesis title is “the impact of trade openness on wage inequality between skilled and unskilled workers in developing countries: the case of Tunisia”.  Monia holds a master’s degree in International Economics from Paris Dauphine University (top student) and a Bachelor degree in High business studies from IHEC Carthage. She has published many academic papers in referred journals. Her research interests regard labor market, MSMEs, wage inequality, and structural change.

Working Papers

Structural Transformation in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia: Patterns, Drivers and Constraints

This paper conducts an analysis of the structural transformation in three MENA countries, Tunisia, Morocco ... read more

Working Papers

The Employment Intensity of Output Growth in Tunisia and Its Determinants

Since January 2011, Tunisia has been implementing a transition to democracy. This paper addresses the ... read more

Working Papers

Trade Openness, Relative Demand of Skilled Workers and Technological Change in Tunisia, 1998–2002

Abstract This paper investigates the relationship between technological change and the relative demand of skilled workers ... read more

Working Papers

Impact of Trade Reforms in Tunisia on the Elasticity of Labor Demand

The impact of trade reforms on the labor market may transit through many channels. One ... read more


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