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Mine Cinar

Research Fellows

Professor and Area Coordinator of Economics, Loyola University

Areas of Interest:

  • Global Development Finance
  • Gender
  • Statistics


  • Ph.D., Texas A&M University
  • M.A., Vanderbilt University


  • Professor and area coordinator of Economics, School of Business Administration, Loyola University Chicago, Present
  • Editor, Topics in Middle Eastern and North African Economies, Electronic Proceedings Journal of MEEA
  • Associate Editor, Review of Middle East Economics and Finance, Routledge Press

Latest Publications:

  • “Adjusted Performance of Regional Emerging Markets Including Middle East-Africa,” Journal of Emerging Markets, V. 6, 2, p. 36-49 2002 , Co-Authors: T. Sener
  • “Classification Tree Analysis applied to the MENA Regions,” Topics in Middle East and North African Economies, (electronic journal), September Vol. 4 2002
  • “The Issue of Insider Trading in Law and Economics: Lessons for Emerging Financial Markets in the World,” Journal of Business Ethics, V. 19, 1999
Working Papers

Gender-Based Wage Differences, Household Bargaining and Working Women’s Welfare: Theory and Evidence From Izmir, Turkey

This paper looks at household welfare distribution among two-income couples from three social strata in ... read more


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