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Mamdouh M. Abdelsalam


Lecturer in Economics, Faculty of Commerce, Minufia University

Dr. Mamdouh Abdelsalam is a lecturer in Economics at Faculty of Commerce, Minufia University, Egypt, where he teaches Econometrics, Mathematics for Economics and Business and Economic Development. He obtained his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Economics from University of Leicester. His research interests are in Applied Economics, especially in the areas of Prediction, Uncertainty, Macroeconomics, Financial, Labour Economics, Monetary Policy, Education Returns and Poverty.

Working Papers

An optimal early warning system for currency crises under model uncertainty

This paper assesses a number of early warning (EWS) models of financial crises with the ... read more

Working Papers

Modelling the Density of Egyptian Quarterly CPI Inflation

This paper aims at modelling the density of quarterly inflation based on time-varying conditional variance, ... read more


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