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Jess Benhabib

Research Fellows

Professor of Economics, New York University

Areas of Interest:

  • Political Economy
  • Macroeconomics


  • Ph.D., Economics, Columbia University, 1976


  • Professor of Economics, New York University, 1983-present
  • P. Goddard Professor of Political Economy, New York University, 1991-present
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Theory, 1992-present

Latest Publications:

  • “The Political Economy of Redistribution under Democracy ” (with Adam Przeworski), Economic Theory, 2005
  • “Modelling Internal Commitment Mechanisms and Self-Control: A Neuroeconomics Approach to Consumption-Saving Decisions ,”(with Alberto Bisin), Games and Economic Behaviour, 2005.
  • “Human Capital and Technology Diffusion,” working paper, December 2002,(with Mark Spiegel), forthcoming, Handbook of Economic Growth, Philippe Aghion and Steven Durlauf, eds., North-Holland, Amsterdam, 2005.






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