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Ismail Sirageldin

Senior Associates

Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Areas of Interest:

  • Population Dynamics
  • Education and Labor Markets
  • Impact of Global Interdependence on Human Development
  • Environmental Consequences of Population Change


  • Master Degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Toronto/OAC, Canada
  • Doctorate Degree in Economics from the University of Michigan, 1966


  • Professor of Economics , Johns Hopkins University since 1967

Latest Publications:

  • Sirageldin, Ismail. 2016. The Fable of the Bees, Humanity in the 21st Century: Begin or End. ERF Policy Research Rep, Economic Research Forum.
  • Sirageldin, Ismail. 2007A. “On Global Governance in the 21st Century,” Presented at the International Forum on The Makkah Declaration: Implementing the Economic Agenda of the Muslim World. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS): 1-24.
  • “The Trends in Globalization Critiqued,” in Globalization and the Gulf (ED. John Fox et., al., 2006, Routledge)
  • “The Elimination of Poverty: Challenges and Islamic Strategies,” in Islamic Economic Institutions and the Elimination of Poverty (ED. Munawar Iqbal 2002, The Islamic Foundation, Leicester, UK)
  • “Budget Deficit, renewable Resource Gap, and Human Resource Development in Oil Economies, with Yousef Al-Ebraheem, in Human Capital: Population Economics in the Middle East (ED. Sirageldin 2002 I.B. Tauris and American University Press
Working Papers

Elimination of Poverty: Challenges and Islamic Strategies

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Working Papers

Diversity and Historical Processes in Human Development: The Decline of Rationality

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Policy Research Reports

The Fable of the Bees: Humanity in the 21st Century – Begin or End?

The first arrival of humanity to earth was Adam and Eve. It took time for ... read more

Working Papers

The 2007 Credit Crisis: A Long-term View

Abstract It is fair to say that the 2007 Credit Crisis was born a year ago, ... read more

Working Papers

Human Resources Development and the Structure of Oil Economies: Critical Issues with Illustration from Kuwait

Abstract Oil economies have unique structural characteristics that present challenges to mainstream economic policies. This paper ... read more


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