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Irina Vartanova


Saint-Petersburg State University

Irina Vartanova is a graduate student at Saint-Petersburg State University, Department of Psychology since 2008. Before that, she also attended Saint-Petersburg State University’s Department of Psychology from 2003 until 2008. Her academic interests revolve around themes of comparative research, social and organizational psychology, and statistical data analysis. Among her ongoing research projects is work on “The Creative Class and Subjective Well-Being: Multilevel Analysis”.

Working Papers

Does Education Indoctrinate? The Effect of Education on Political Preferences In Democracies and Autocracies

Using World Value Survey and European Value Study data spanning 96 countries and over 300,000 ... read more

Working Papers

The Effect of Patriarchal Culture on Women’s Labor Force Participation

We show that measures of patriarchal culture are correlated with female labor force participation (FLFP) ... read more


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