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Imène Berguiga


University of Sousse

Imene BERGUIGA obtained his PhD in Economics from Paris-East University in 2011. She is Associate Professor in Finance and a member of the ERUDITE research team (University Paris-Est Creteil (UPEC)). She specializes in Accounting and Finance on the topic of microfinance, banks and small businesses funding in developing countries. The MENA region is his areas of expertise. Since 2010, she has published several academic papers related to microfinance in the MENA region. Funding Micro-Small and Medium Size Enterprises (MSMEs) in North Africa and specific risks of Islamic banks are his most survey research.



Berguiga, I. and Adair, P. (2019) “The performance of Islamic banks in the MENA region: are specific risks a minor attribute?” Région et Développement, 49.

Berguiga, I. and Adair, P. (2019) “L’impact de la performance sociale sur les taux d’intérêt de la microfinance : la région Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord est-elle atypique ?”, Mondes en Développement, Tome 47, Vol 185 n°1, pp. 13-28.

Berguiga, I. and Adair, P. (2017) “What Determines Premium of MFIs in the Mena Region? A Panel Data Analysis (2004-2014) » Research Journal of Economics, 1(1), pp. 1-4,

Berguiga, I. and Adair, P. (2015) “The interest rates and performance of MFIs in the MENA region: is there a moral issue?” Ethics and Economics, 12 (2), pp 44-67, (2015)

Berguiga, I. and Adair, P. (2014) “How do social performance and financial performance of microfinance institutions interact? A panel data study upon MENA region”, Savings &Development, 38(1), pp. 7-26, (2014)

Berguiga, I. and Adair, P. (2010) « Les facteurs déterminants de la performance sociale et de la performance financière des institutions de microfinance dans la région MENA : une analyse en coupe instantanée », Région et Développement, 32, pp. 91-120, (2010)


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