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Hatem Jemmali


Associate Professor, University of Manouba

Dr. Hatem Jemmali joined the University of Manouba (Tunisia) as an Associate Professor in the Department of Quantitative Methods in Higher Institute of Accountancy  and Business Administration. He received his Master’s Degree in Economic Mathematics and Econometric from the University El-Manar (Tunisia) and his doctoral degree in Economic Sciences from the same University. He is also an active member in the Arab Council for the Social Sciences, and regular member in the International Institute of Statistics. His areas of teaching and research expertise include quantitative and qualitative research methods, economics of natural resources and economic development. He has published a set of papers in known academic journals and produced a number of working papers on these  topics. Specifically, he has an extensive natural resource research experience, with a particular emphasis on multidimensional water poverty assessment and sustainable development. He has long been involved in the development and improvement of new monitoring metrics for water management at different scales.

Dr. Jemmali’s current research explores issues involving climate changes, inequality and poverty, with a major focus on inequality of opportunities in access to basic services including education and healthcare among children in developing countries. He has received the award and grants from various funding agencies including the Arab Council for the Social Science and the Economic Research Forum.

Working Papers

What Drive Regional Economic Inequalities in Tunisia? Evidence From Unconditional Quantile Decomposition Analysis

This paper analyzes the level and main drivers of economic inequality among rural–urban, littoral-inland and ... read more

Working Papers

On the Decomposition of Economic Inequality: A Methodology and an Application to Tunisia

The paper provides a detailed examination of the structure and dynamics of economic inequality in ... read more

Working Papers

Rural-Urban Migration and Income Disparity in Tunisia: A Decomposition Analysis

Since the 1990s, massive migration from the marginalized and unprivileged rural areas to small and ... read more


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