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Hamid Mohtadi

Research Fellows

Professor, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Areas of Interest:

  • Economics Growth
  • Trade and Technological Change
  • Governance
  • Public Finance
  • Risk Analysis
  • Economics of Supply Chains


  • Ph.D., Economics, University of Michigan, USA, 1983
  • M.S., Applied Physics, Columbia University, USA, 1975


  • Professor, Economics Department, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, 2003-present
  • Co-Director and Visiting Professor, Center for Food Industry at the Dept. of Applied Economics, University of Minnesota, 2006-2007
  • Associate Professor, Economics Department, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, 1990-2003

Latest Publications:

  • “Inflation, Financial Intermediation and Growth: Case of Egypt” Middle East Development Journal 2014, 6:1-19 (with Amr Hosny)
  • ” The Egyptian economy Post-Revolution: Sectoral Diagnosis of Strengths and Constraints ” International Economic Journal 2014, 28:589-611 (with Magda Kandil and Amr Hosney)
  • “Intellectual Property Rights and Economic Growth: Is there a Threshold Effect?” International Economic Journal 2014, 28:121-135 (with Stefan Ruediger)
  • “Optimal Security Investments and Extreme Risk” Risk Analysis 2012, 32: 1309-1325 (with Swati Agiwal)
  • “What have we Learned from the Liquidity Crisis of 2007-2008” Journal of Financial Transformation 2012, 34: 119-128 (With Stefan Ruediger)
  • Hamid Mohtadi and Antu Murshid “Risk Analysis of Chemical, Biological, or Radionuclear Threats: Implications for Food Security” (with Antu Murshid), Risk Analysis 2009, 29:1317-1335.
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