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Working Papers

Momentum in Emerging Markets: Investigation of Overconfidence and Cognitive BIAS Factors

ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to check if investors in emerging markets, especially in ... read more

Working Papers

Using A Neural Network-Based Methodology for Credit–Risk Evaluation of A Tunisian Bank

Abstract Credit–risk evaluation is a very important and challenging problem for financial institutions. Many classification methods have ... read more

Working Papers

International Corporate Governance and Finance: Legal, Cultural and Political Explanations

Abstract Corporate governance has drawn much attention with recent managerial misbehavior and corporate scandals. Various laws ... read more

Working Papers

Board Independence and Corporate Fraud: The Case of Tunisian Firms

Abstract The question we address in this paper is: what is the role played by corporate ... read more

Working Papers

Is Corporate Governance Different for Islamic Banks? A Comparative Analysis between the Gulf Cooperation Council Context and the Southeast Asia Context

Islamic banks are particular financial institutions generating distinct corporate governance challenges. The present study examines ... read more


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