Fateh Belaïd - Economic Research Forum (ERF)

Areas of Interest:

  • Econometrics
  • Natural Resources and Environment
  • International
  • Environmental Economics
  • Applied Microeconomics


  • Assistant Professor of Economics, French National University Council – 2012
  • PH.D in Economics, University of Littoral Côte d’Opale, France – 2005-2008
  • Master Degree in Economic Decisions, University of Littoral Côte d’Opale, France – 2003-2004


  • Lille Catholic University 2019 – present
  • Researcher in Economics, CSTB, 2012 – 2018
  • Assistant Professor, Teacher and co-head of numerical statistics and data analysis ModuleatÉcole des Ponts et Chaussées, France, 2015-Today
  • Assistant Professor, Teacher of statisticsatÉcole NationaleSupérieur de Géographie, France, 2015-Today

Latest Publications:

  • Fateh Bélaid, 2018. Exposure and risk to fuel poverty in France: Examining the extent of the fuel precariousness and its salient determinants. Energy Policy,114, 189-200.
  • Fateh Bélaid, Salomé Bakaloglou, David Roubaud, 2018. Direct rebound effect of residential gas demand: Empirical evidence from France. Energy Policy, 115, 23-31.
  • Lévy, J. P., & Belaïd, F. (2018). The determinants of domestic energy consumption in France: Energy modes, habitat, households and life cycles. Ren. & Sust. Ene. Rev., vol 81 (2), 2104-2114.
  • Fateh Bélaid, 2017. Untangling the complexity of the direct and indirect determinants of the residential energy consumption in France: Quantitative analysis using a structural equation modeling approach. Energy Policy. 2017, vol. 110, p. 246-256.
  • Fateh Bélaid, Meriem Youssef, 2017. Environmental degradation, renewable and non-renewable electricity consumption, and economic growth: Assessing the evidence from Algeria. Energy Policy, 102, 277-287.
  • Fateh Bélaid, 2016. Understanding the spectrum of domestic energy consumption: empirical evidence from France”, Energy Policy, Vol. 92C, pp. 220-233.
  • Fateh Belaid, Thomas Garcia, 2016. Understanding the Spectrum of Residential Energy-Saving Behaviours: French Evidence Using Disaggregated Data. Energy Economics, 57, 204-214.


Working Papers

Renewable and Non-Renewable Electricity Consumption, Carbon Emissions and GDP: Evidence From Mediterranean Countries

The imperative to reduce Co2 emissions is stronger than ever. According to many studies, renewable ... read more


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