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Coping with a New Global Oil Order

The unexpected decline in oil prices to a level below US$50 marks the end of the commodity super cycle that began in the early 2000s. Though the current oil price ... read more

Annual Conferences

Regional Economic Cooperation, Peace and Development

ERF 23rd Annual Conference ERF's Annual Conference has become the premiere regional event for economists of the Middle East, where new ideas are born, nourished and promoted, where the community of ... read more

Annual Conferences

Towards a New Development Agenda for the Middle East – ERF 22nd Annual Conference

ERF 22nd Annual Conference on: Towards a New Development Agenda for the Middle East Prior to the Arab awakening at the end of 2010 and early 2011, the development strategies of Arab ... read more


Writing Winning Research Proposals and Papers, 2015

ERF organized a two-day training workshop on writing winning proposals in Cairo on October 26-27, 2015. The workshop intended to help researchers develop proposals that ask policy relevant question, while ... read more


ERF 2nd National Dialogue: Between Political Reform and Economic Development

The Economic Research Forum (ERF) held a national dialogue on September 30 under the title “Between Political Reform and Economic Development…Egypt the Future, 2015. The event emanated from ERF’s understanding ... read more

Annual Conferences

Democracy and Economic Development: ERF 21st Annual Conference

ERF held its 21st Annual Conference in Tunisia, March 20-22, 2015, under the main theme of ‘Democracy and Economic Development.’ Over 150 economists, policymakers and political scientists participated in the ... read more


Growth or Equity: Which Should Come First?

Keeping in tune with changing economic thought on development strategies and policies, ERF organized live debate on: Which Should Come First, Growth or Equity? The debate took place on  December ... read more


National Debate/Media Seminar on: Egypt’s Future

ERF convened a three-day media seminar, covering socio-economic and political issues of concern, to  discuss and debate Egypt’s future over seven sessions. More than 50 prominent politicians, intellectuals and media ... read more


ERF’s Policy Sessions Roster at the IEA 2014

In a unique regional event, ERF partnered with the International Economic Association (IEA), the  Colombia Global Centers (Amman), as well as a number of prestigious institutions to organize IEA’s 17th  ... read more

Annual Conferences

Economic Development and Social Justice: ERF 20th Annual Conference

Abla Abdel-Latif

This year’s Annual Conference is very special; it marks the 20th anniversary of the Economic Research Forum (ERF). This is a cause for celebration, not only because ERF has become ... read more