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Youth Essay Competition – Egypt

To engage youth in finding innovative solutions to youth employment in Egypt, the ERF and the World Bank launched the first “Youth Essay Competition.” The competition addressed youth unemployment in ... read more


Gender Equality in the MENA Region

ERF held a conference on women’s social and economic empowerment in the Arab World on October 24-25, 2015, in Cairo, Egypt. The event, hosted in cooperation with Canada’s International Development ... read more


The Use of Labor Market Panel Survey Data

Labor markets play a central role in determining a country’s economic and social progress; thus the availability of labor market and demographic data is integral to measure the impact of ... read more


Labor Markets Dynamics in the Middle East and North Africa

Labor market dynamism – the creation and destruction of jobs and the reallocation of labor to more productive uses - is an important part of healthy economies. In many Arab ... read more


The Economics of Informality in The ERF Region

The recent Arab Awakening is seen by many analysts to partially reflect economic exclusion. One form of exclusion is informality of both workers and firms. Workers in the informal sector ... read more


The Jordanian and Egyptian Labor Markets in a New ERA: Highlights from the Analysis of Two Labor Market Panel Surveys

As many countries struggle to construct economic policy in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, a dynamic analysis of MENA labor markets is particularly important. The work carried out by ... read more


The Impact of Labor Market Regulations and Institutions on Labor Market Performance and Outcomes

ERF organized a workshop to discuss the preliminary findings of five draft papers on labor market  regulations and institutions. The papers covered several issues, such as the impact of labor ... read more


Women Economic Empowerment

The Middle East Center of the London School of Economics hosted an ERF workshop on Women Economic  Empowerment on November 29, 2013 on its premises in London. The workshop is ... read more


Writing Winning Research Proposals and Papers, 2012

ERF receives many research proposals annually under various competitions or call for papers. In recent years, the following pattern has emerged: many proposals address policy relevant questions but are ... read more


Entrepreneurship: Tackling Social Challenges

Egypt: Youth Essay Competition A dynamic Private Sector and Entrepreneurship are vital for growth, economic development, and job creation. In the current socioeconomic context, social entrepreneurship can play an important factor ... read more