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The Use of Labor Market Panel Survey Data

Labor markets play a central role in determining a country’s economic and social progress; thus the availability of labor market and demographic data is integral to measure the impact of ... read more


Labor Markets Dynamics in the Middle East and North Africa

Labor market dynamism – the creation and destruction of jobs and the reallocation of labor to more productive uses - is an important part of healthy economies. In many Arab ... read more


The Jordanian and Egyptian Labor Markets in a New ERA: Highlights from the Analysis of Two Labor Market Panel Surveys

As many countries struggle to construct economic policy in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, a dynamic analysis of MENA labor markets is particularly important. The work carried out by ... read more


Writing Winning Research Proposals and Papers, 2012

ERF receives many research proposals annually under various competitions or call for papers. In recent years, the following pattern has emerged: many proposals address policy relevant questions but are ... read more


Labor Market Institutions and Labor Market Performance and Outcomes

Several countries of the MENA region have undertaken a variety of reforms of labor market institutions and regulations in recent years. These reforms include working conditions and compensation, social insurance ... read more