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Return migration and gender norms: evidence from Jordan

By Michele Tuccio and Jackline Wahba Migration can be responsible for the spread of new social norms about gender roles. This column explores the impact of temporary migration from Jordan to more ... read more

Lebanon’s challenge of fiscal sustainability

By Simon Neaime New legislation by the Lebanese government, which provides a big boost to the salaries of public sector employees, puts considerable pressure on the country’s public finances... ... read more

Diversification strategies for the Gulf monarchies

By Michael Herb For the Gulf monarchies, the only long-term solution to lower oil prices is to diversify the economy, which can be done either with or without citizen labour ... ... read more

Freedom for women is crucial for economic progress in MENA

By Victoria Bateman The Middle East was once the cradle of civilisation: can it prosper once again? Looking back at lessons from the European Enlightenment, this column argues that if the ... read more

Youth and Vulnerability in the Middle East

ERF invites affiliates and non-ERF affiliates to submit proposals that enhance the understanding of youth vulnerability issues relevant to the region. The proposals may address any of the following sub-themes ... read more

ERF Conference to Explore Women’s Empowerment in the Arab World

The Economic Research Forum (ERF) will hold a conference on women’s social and economic empowerment in the Arab World on October 24-25, 2015, in Cairo, Egypt. The event, hosted ... read more

The Gender Gap Runs Deeper

Mahmoud El-Gamal, ERF Research Fellow and Rice University Professor of Economics and Statistics  The Gender Gap Runs Deeper than Religion or Education CAPMAS, the official Egyptian statistical agency, announced in ... read more

The Empowerment of Women in the Household starts with their Empowerment in the Market

This blog is written by Dr. Zafiris Tzannatos, Senior Consultant for Strategy and Policy   A precondition for effective bargaining (or, as some put it, negotiation) is to have some kind of ... read more

Religion: A Plural Reality with Multiple Meanings

This blog is written by Political Science Professor and former Parliamentarian Dr. Mona Makram-Ebeid   The effects of the restructuring of traditional state power engendered by globalization on the political, economic and ... read more