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Africa’s continental free trade area: a stepping-stone to integration?

By Jaime de Melo In a week that marks the anniversary of the treaty for an African continental free trade area, signed in Kigali on 18 March 2018, this column asks whether ... read more

Religion as a catalyst for trade: evidence from Turkish exports

By Alessia Lo Turco and Daniela Maggioni Does religious affinity help firms to get access to foreign markets? This column reports evidence that sharing Islamic beliefs with potential customers abroad eases.. ... read more

Arab economic integration: trade and growth policy after the crises

By Simon Neaime Greater economic and financial integration of the Arab countries is widely agreed to be essential both to promote growth and to shelter the region more effectively from.. ... read more

The African continental free trade area: an integration trilemma

By Jaime de Melo Plans to establish an African continental free trade area are hampered by three incompatible objectives: solidarity across the continent’s diverse countries..more

Non-tariff measures in the Arab region

By Mohamed Chemingui, Kais Feki and John Sloan International trade is still hampered by non-tariff measures (NTMs), which in turn is a barrier to growth, particularly in developing countries. This column summarises ... read more

Trade policy options to improve Palestine’s food security

By Johanes Agbahey, Khalid Siddig, Harald Grethe and Jonas Luckmann Palestine’s limited access to international markets and trade disruptions caused by Israeli closures create food shortages as well as surges in prices ... read more

Development Gains from Arab-African Trade Integration

By Mohamed Chemingui and John Sloan Despite their proximity, trade and investment flows between the Arab countries and sub-Saharan Africa are very low. This column reports analysis of the potential development gains ... read more

Gaining competitiveness through trade credit: evidence from Turkey

By Banu Demir and Beata Javorcik The removal of the Multi-Fibre Arrangement quotas that governed global trade in textiles and clothing until the end of 2004 led to a big rise in ... read more

Improving market access for Jordanian exports to Europe

By Jaime de Melo As part of its efforts to alleviate the Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan, the European Union has granted a relaxation on origin requirements for selected products from certain ... read more

Financial vulnerability and export dynamics

By Melise Jaud, Youssouf Kiendrebeogo and Marie-Ange Véganzonès-Varoudakis How does the financial vulnerability of many developing economies affect the ability of their firms to participate effectively in export markets? This column summarises ... read more

MENA firms involved in trade: characteristics and challenges

By Helena Schweiger and David C. Francis How do MENA firms participating in international trade compare with their counterparts elsewhere in the world as well as with non-traders in the region? This ... read more

Modernising the EU-Turkey customs union

By Subidey Togan Turkey has benefited from a customs union with the European Union since the mid-1990s, but now is the time for it to be modernised. This column argues that current ... read more

Harnessing technology for export growth by small businesses

By Raed Safadi What policy actions can help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to enhance their integration into the global market for goods, services and ideas? This column outlines recommendations in a ... read more

Effectiveness of export sanctions: evidence from Iran

By Jamal Ibrahim Haidar Whether export sanctions are effective depends on their goal. This column highlights that if the goal is to reduce total exports of the targeted country, sanctions may be ... read more

Does political conflict hurt trade? Evidence from consumer boycotts

By Kilian Heilmann The use of trade policy tools such as boycotts, embargoes and sanctions has become increasingly prevalent in international conflicts. This column reports research that examines the impact of politically ... read more

Updated Exports and Imports Data for Egypt

ERF is pleased to announce the dissemination of the updated data sets for Exports and Imports in Egypt ... read more