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Upward or Downward: Occupational Mobility and Return Migration

By Jackline Wahba, Professor of Economics at the University of Southampton and ERF Research Fellow. For many poor developing countries, the emigration of the high skilled workers is ... read more

What You Gonna Do When the Robot Does the Job Better Than You?

By Richard Freeman, Herbert Ascherman Chair in Economics at Harvard University. This week Google's alphaGo artificial intelligence program defeated human champion Lee Se-dol in the ... read more

How Can We Limit the Damage?

By Joost Hiltermann is Program Director, Middle East and  North Africa, at the International Crisis Group. The economic challenges faced by states and societies in the ... read more

Structural Transformation is Key for Poverty Reduction in Arab Countries

By Khalid Abu-Ismail, Chief of the Economic Development and Poverty Section at UN-ESCWA. The long-term development vision for the Arab region should address the core challenge ... read more

Lessons from the Arab Spring: Toward a New Development Agenda for the Middle East

By Hafez Ghanem, Vice President of the World Bank for the Middle East and North Africa and ERF Research Fellow. Tunisia and Egypt were growing at around ... read more

Converting Oil Rents to Inclusive Growth – Missing Ingredients

By Hassan Hakimian, Director of the London Middle East Institute and a Reader in Economics at SOAS, University of London and ERF Research Fellow. The burgeoning ... read more

The Economic Fallout from the Arab Spring

By Mohsin Khan, nonresident Senior Fellow, Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, Atlantic Council The promise of democracy and self-determination was the driving force in the ... read more

Governance, Aid and Corruption in Transition

Daniel Kaufmann, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution Governance, aid and corruption in transition: Taking state capture seriously Evidence suggests that over ... read more

الدين والتنمية الاقتصادية

Original English post by Salma El Meligi, translated by Ramage Nada إن الربيع العربي منح مكاسب سياسية كبيرة للإسلاميين في كلٍ ... read more

Opacity in the attire of transparency!!!

This blog was written by Lobna Abdel Latif, Professor of Economics (Cairo University), on her research “Are improvements in ... read more

How can political connections help in capturing the energy subsidies that go to the energy intensive manufacturing sectors in Egypt?

This Op-ed is written by Dr. Ishac Diwan  (Harvard Kennedy School) and Marc Shiffbauer (World Bank) This Blog post is based on a research paper ‘On Top ... read more

The political economy of transformation – Determinants of democracy in the Arab countries

By Moamen Gouda (University of Marburg, Germany) and Zeinab Sabet (GDNet) ERF’s workshop and policy seminar on “The political economy of transformation in the ERF ... read more

A time to throw stones, a time to reap

How long does it take for democratic reforms to improve institutional outcomes? This post was written by Pierre-Guillaume Méon & Khalid SekkatCentre Emile Bernheim ... read more