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ERF 2nd National Dialogue: Between Political Reform and Economic Development…Egypt the Future

The Economic Research Forum (ERF) held a national dialogue on September 30 under the title “Between Political Reform and Economic Development…Egypt the Future, 2015. The event emanated from ERF’s understanding of the importance of having a serious discussion on the future of Egypt. Renowned economists, political scientists, policy makers and journalists attended the dialogue to debate the nature of the relationship between economic development and political reform. This timely topic comes as Egypt approaches the holding of much anticipated parliamentary elections - the third and final step of the political roadmap set forth after the June 30 uprising - making the need to clarify the relationship between political reform and economic development all the more pressing. Stay tuned for updates...
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Call for Proposals
The Political Economy of Contemporary Arab Societies

ERF is pleased to announce a call for proposals under the theme of “The Political Economy of Contemporary Arab Societies.” For the most part, this type of work has been dominated by qualitative analysis. Furthermore, with a few exceptions, it has not rigorously addressed the relationship between economics and socio-political behavior. Deadline for submissions: October 30, 2015.
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Recent Publications
The Egyptian Labor Market in an Era of Revolution

This book fills an important gap in the knowledge about labor market conditions in Egypt in the aftermath of the Arab Spring uprisings, and it analyzes the results of the latest round of the Egypt Labor Market Panel Survey carried out in early 2012. It is edited by Ragui Assaad and Caroline Krafft.
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The Political Economy of the Private Sector in the Middle East Workshop

ERF and the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies jointly organized a workshop on "The Political Economy of the Private Sector in the Middle East". The workshop convened for 2 days at the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies of Oxford University, during June 5-6, 2015.

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Bottom line: Political reform

منتدى البحوث الاقتصادية: الدستور والبرلمان الضمانة لتحقيق التنمية

من يسبق الآخر.. الإصلاح السياسى أم الاقتصادى؟
 "موسي": التيارات الحالية نتاج عصر مضى ولا تصلح للقرن الواحد والعشرين

 قيادية بـ«الاشتراكي المصري»: تحقيق التنمية يتطلب منع الاحتكار ومكافحة الفساد

زياد بهاء الدين: نحتاج مناخًا
سياسيًا سليمًا لاتخاذ قرارات اقتصادية صعبة

عمرو موسى: طبّقوا الدستور أولاً قبل التفكير فى تعديله

حافظ المرازي: البرلمان المقبل سيكون أقل تنوعًا من 2012

ماجد عثمان: التعليم يتسبب في إنتاج التطرف وعدم تقبل الآخر

موسى: مخاوف الانتخابات ستثار حتى لو أجلناها عامين.. والبرلمان سيؤسس تيارات جديدة

الشوبكي: الفزع من أخونة الجيش والقضاء كان وراء تحصين وزير الدفاع بالدستور

Watch Dr. Ahmed Galal's speech at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science Annual Conference

ERF Affiliate Dr. Rania Al-Mashat recognized by World Economic Forum

Watch Dr. Mustapha Nabli's interview

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MEEA: The Impact of Oil Price Changes on the Economic Growth and Development in the MENA Countries
The School of Public Administration and Development Economics at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) is hosting the Middle East Economic Association’s (MEEA) Fifteenth International Annual Conference on March 23-25, 2016 in Doha, Qatar. Dealine for submissions: Ocober 15, 2015.
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