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Sam Hakim

Research Fellows

Fidelity Investments

Areas of Interest:

  • Banking and Financial Markets
  • International Finance
  • Risk Management


  • Ph.D., Economics, University of Southern California, USA.

Latest Publications:

  • Recent Assessments on Mean Reversion In the Middle East Stock Markets, co-authored with Simon Neaime, Stock Market Volatility, Edited by Greg N. Gregoriou, CRC Press, 2009, 557-570.
  • The Impact Of War And Terrorism On Sovereign Risk In The Middle East, co-authored with M. Haddad, Journal of Derivatives & Hedge Funds (2009) 14, No. 3-4, 237–250.
  • Growth and Cycles in the Stock Markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council since September 11. Middle East Policy, Volume XV, Number 1, Spring 2008.
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