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Labor Demand in Tunisia: Size, Structure and Determinants

This paper explores the employment performance and capacities of the Tunisian private sector with a ... read more

Working Papers

Trade Openness and CO2 Emissions in Tunisia

Abstract The literature on trade often focuses on its impact on economic growth. However, more recently ... read more

Working Papers

The Geography of Trade and the Environment: The Case of CO2 Emissions

Abstract According to recent theoretical developments, there are three key channels through which trade affects the ... read more

Working Papers

Trade, Transaction Costs and TFP: Evidence from Tunisia and Egypt

Increases in total factor productivity (TFP) are commonly associated with accumulation of knowledge through technological ... read more

Working Papers

Effects of NTMs on the Extensive and Intensive Margins to Trade: The Case of Tunisia and Egypt

The last thirty years have witnessed a general liberalization process of merchandize trade flows. Indeed, ... read more


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