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New firms and economic geography in Turkey

April 30, 2019

by Burhan Can Karahasan   The Turkish economy is characterised by considerable regional disparities,


Raising Egypt’s minimum wage: the impact on inequality

April 30, 2019

by Amirah El-Haddad   Since the majority of Egypt’s labour force is in the


New HLFS Micro Data for Egypt

April 25, 2019

  ERF is pleased to announce the release of two new Harmonized Labor Force Surveys (HLFS)

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Self-selection of emigrants by cultural traits: MENA evidence

April 23, 2019

By Frédéric Docquier, Aysit Tansel and  Riccardo Turati What are the relationships between people’s cultural traits and


Sustainability of GCC development under the new global oil order

April 23, 2019

By Ibrahim Elbadawi and  Samir Makdisi It is now a widely held view that the price of


MENA Generation 2030: Prospects for a demographic dividend

April 17, 2019

By Arthur van Diesen and Khalid Abu-Ismail UNICEF’s new report, MENA Generation 2030, focuses on ‘investing in


Palestinians working in Israel: the impact on West Bank food security

April 17, 2019

By Johanes Agbahey , Khalid Siddig and Harald Grethe Employment of Palestinians in Israel is one of

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Call for Participants

Call for Participants: Training Workshop on Applied Micro-econometrics and Public Policy Evaluation

April 11, 2019

I. Introduction:   The aim of this course is to provide participants with a deeper


Exports and innovation in the MENA region: when skills matter

April 9, 2019

By Nora Aboushady and Chahir Zaki Firms that want to start exporting have to be able to


Africa youth leadership: building local leaders to solve global challenges

April 9, 2019

By Landry Signé Accountable leadership is one of the biggest challenges to development in Africa. This Brookings


The economic and social transformation of the Middle East and North Africa

April 2, 2019

By Rabah Arezki and Ferid Belhaj The crises that began with the Arab revolts signal the urgent

Financial markets

Recent financial and debt crises: is the MENA region immune?

April 2, 2019

By Simon Neaime How vulnerable is the MENA region to a ‘sudden stop’ in capital inflows and

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