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Trade policy options to improve Palestine’s food security

October 30, 2018

By Johanes Agbahey, Khalid Siddig, Harald Grethe and Jonas Luckmann Palestine’s limited access to international markets and


Chronic illness and the labour market in Arab countries

October 30, 2018

By Ebaidalla M. Ebaidalla and Mohammed Elhaj Mustafa Ali Chronic illnesses are widespread in the Arab countries


Structural transformation in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia

October 23, 2018

By Rim Mouelhi and Monia Ghazali Despite considerable economic progress before 1990, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia all

Human capital

Human capital and regional disparities in Turkey

October 23, 2018

By Burhan Can Karahasan and Firat Bilgel Turkey has a longstanding problem of uneven economic development across


Exchange rate policies and external public debt in the MENA region

October 16, 2018

By Simon Neaime Emerging economies are often subject to currency crises and foreign debt crises around the


Extreme poverty in Arab states: a growing cause for concern

October 16, 2018

ByKhalid Abu-Ismail and Bilal Al-Kiswani Extreme poverty is rising in Arab states and the outlook is


Rethinking the state’s role in Arab economies

October 9, 2018

By Mahmoud Mohieldin and Rabah Arezki The Arab world's state-led development model may be set to


Turkey’s reversal of fortune

October 9, 2018

By Bilin Neyapti Recent changes in Turkey’s economic, social and political environment have not only failed


The investment decisions of Arab sovereign wealth funds

October 9, 2018

By Mohamed Arouri , Sabri Boubaker and Wafik Grais What are the key objectives of the


Galal Amin and the Egyptian middle class

October 2, 2018

By Khalid Abu-Ismail A sense of ‘defeat’ among the Egyptian middle class was the main motivation for


Oil prices and the performance of UAE banks

October 2, 2018

By Magda Kandil and Minko Markovski The fall in the oil price to a ‘new normal’ has

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