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New HLFS Micro Data for Egypt

New HLFS Micro Data for Egypt

ERF is pleased to announce the dissemination of Two New Harmonized Labor Force Surveys (HLFS); for Egypt 2011, and Egypt 2014.

Also, recently ERF announced the dissemination of five new sectoral-level data sets. The newly disseminated databases provide highly dis-aggregated data on employment, output, value added, and trade, in the manufacturing sector, following the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Revisions 3 and 4, at a 2, 3, or 4-digit levels, depends on data availability.

The five new databases are now available on the following links:

To know more about the newly disseminated data or access any of the data sets, please visit the ERF’s Open Access Micro Data Initiative (OAMDI) page.